17-Year-Old Ryland Dickman Achieves Extraordinary Feat, Graduates with Bachelor’s Degree Before Completing High School

In an extraordinary achievement, 17-year-old Ryland Dickman has become the youngest graduate of Liberty University, Virginia, setting a new standard by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration before completing high school. A student at Covenant High School in Chalrtesville, Ryland enrolled in Liberty University’s online degree program, showcasing his exceptional academic prowess and determination.

Expressing his elation, Ryland shared his excitement about the accomplishment, emphasizing the fulfillment of his two to three years of hard work. “It feels really amazing. It’s like everything I worked for in the past two or three years has finally happened, and I reached a goal that I wanted to reach, so that feels really great,” he expressed.


Despite facing challenges in the academic journey, including skepticism from admission officers about the possibility of simultaneous high school and university graduation, Ryland persevered. He acknowledged Liberty University for its support and flexibility in accepting his credits and CLEP exams, enabling him to pursue his passion for learning.

Reflecting on the stressful and challenging experience of juggling both high school and university classes, Ryland highlighted the bureaucratic hurdles he overcame. “There were so many points in the journey where I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it happen, because there were a lot of bureaucratic things that held me back at first,” he shared.


Ryland’s journey was made possible through his associate’s degree from Northern Virginia Community College, earned during his sophomore year of high school. The degree facilitated his admission to Liberty University without the need for a high school diploma, demonstrating his early commitment to academic excellence.

His mother, Latricia Dickman, attested to Ryland’s determination and goal-driven nature, recalling his decision to learn German in fifth grade. Ryland, now seeking to further his education, has set his sights on law schools in Europe, particularly in Italy or Germany. His ambition is to become an international business lawyer, showcasing his unwavering commitment to pursuing academic and professional excellence.

This remarkable accomplishment by Ryland Dickman exemplifies the potential for academic brilliance and determination to overcome challenges, inspiring others to reach for their educational goals.

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