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Belgium Work Visa Process 2023 (Types of Work Permits)

Belgium is one of the most highly regarded Countries in Europe and a member of the European Union. Get a quick overview of the Belgium Work Visa Process 2023, its requirements, and the types of Belgian work permits. Third-country nationals who are not a citizen of Europe will need to apply for a Work permit and then a Long Stay Visa that will allow them to enter Belgium. Belgium has seasonaljob seeker permits too.

According to the Euro Stats: Belgium issued 143,657 work permits in 2022. Your employer in Belgium will get an Authorization to work (work permit). Citizens of the EU, EEA Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland can work in Belgium without a Work Permit and Visa. Below you will find a Complete guide to obtaining a work visa for Belgium.

Details About Belgium Work Visa Process 2023

Table of Contents

  • Job Country: Belgium
  • Who can Apply: Non-Europeans
  • Permit Type: Work Permit
  • Visa Type: Long Stay D Visa

Types of Belgian Work Permits

  • Type B Work Permit: This type of permit is required if you have been employed by a Belgium employer.
  • Type A Work Permit: You will get this permit if you have held the type B permit for four years within 10 years. Type A permits are valid for an unlimited period.

Type B Work permit is the most common work permit required to work in Belgium. We will discuss what type of work, and permits are under Type B.

Type of Work

To work in Belgium, non-European citizens need a work permit (single permit or work permit) to work as employees. The Belgium allows:

Orientation Year (Job Seeker)

Third-country nationals may ask to be allowed to stay for 12 months after completing studies to look for work or set up a company, with the aim of obtaining a residence permit for employment purposes.

Professional Card

Non-European Nationals wishing to carry out self-employment activities in Belgium must have a professional card unless exempted. You must apply for the Long Stay Visa for this.


In order to carry out research activity in Belgium, the third country national will need authorization for the researcher.

Seasonal Workers

The Seasonal workers in Belgium can stay for up to 90 days or longer than 90 days. To work as a seasonal a seasonal worker permit is required.

Your employer will apply for a seasonal work permit with the competent regional government.

The Seasonal work permit is a “single application procedure” which means the permit includes both Authorization to work (work permit), and authorization to stay (residence permit).

Au Pair

The au pair youth is a young person who is temporarily taken into a family. They enjoy board and lodging with this family.

What is a Single Permit?

Non-European nationals interested in working in Belgium for longer than 90 days must submit an application for a work permit to the authorized Region via their employer (one-stop-shop).

This application for a work permit is equivalent to an application for a residence permit (single permit).

Belgium Visa Types

Belgium offers two types of Visas

  • Short Stay Visa: Such as a Tourist Visa for up to 90 days
  • Long Stay Visas: Such as Study, Work, and Training for longer than 90 days.

Belgium Residence Permit

Once you have received your work permit and you have a Valid Belgium D Visa. You can travel to Belgium. Once you arrive you have to apply for the Residence permit for authorization to stay in Belgium.

Belgium Work Visa Cost?

The cost of a Belgium work visa is €180. This fee will be paid by your employer who will also apply for a work permit on your behalf.

Belgium Work Visa Processing Time?

Well, the time for a Visa application depends on the country from where you are applying. On average work visa applications can take up to 8 to 10 weeks.

How Long You Can Stay?

All Long Stay Visas are issued for one year. And it can be renewable as long as you have a valid reason to stay.

Belgium Work Visa Requirements

To Apply for the Visa you must have:

  • A Valid Job offer
  • Approved Work Permit
  • Apply for the Belgium D Visa
  • Travel to Belgium
  • Apply for the Residence Permit

Step by Step Belgium Work Visa Process 2023

  • Step 1: Find a Job and have a Valid offer from Belgium Employer
  • Step 2: Your Employer will get an Authorization to Work approved.
  • Step 3: Apply for a Work Visa (Belgium D Visa) at the Belgium Embassy with all the documents. Find the Belgium embassy in your country for the application forms and application process.

Belgian Job Websites

Search and look for companies in Belgium that offer Jobs to Foreigners. Some Job seeking sites are given below.

Belgium Immigration OfficeThis is the official site that has details on all work permits, forms, and application processes for third-country nationals.

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