How to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria – 15 Best Ways for 2024

Looking for how to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria?

Do you scroll through your smartphone every day to see who saw your status on WhatsApp?


What if I told you that you could make money with your phone in Nigeria? Instead of scrolling without aim, you can start pressing your phone with purpose.

We all want extra cash, whether for data or a weekend barbecue.


Now here’s the thing: there are so many apps and ways to make money on your mobile device that it can be overwhelming.

I am passionate about finding side hustles while on my creative journey and the best way to do it is using my smartphone.

How do you know which opportunities are worth your time and which ones are a waste of it?

In this article, I’m going to share 15 easy ways to turn your smartphone into a money-making machine.


I’ve been making some money with my phone for the past year.  I’ll give you step-by-step instructions so you can do the same thing for yourself.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how to make extra cash with your Android phone or iOS device, keep reading.

The best way to make money right now with your phone is to start trading forex signals.

 It’s a convenient and accessible way to earn income using your smartphone.

You can earn N5k daily by doing this.

How to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria

Making money with your phone in Nigeria comes down to one question:


Are you looking for recharge card money or money that will allow you to quit your 9-5 job?

The first section of this article will show you how to get recharge card money. The second part of this article will show you how to make a full-time income.

5 Simple Ways to Make Recharge Card Money With Your Phone in Nigeria.


1. Take Surveys


Surveys are those sites where you answer questions and get paid.

I earned recharge card money on Enlumi back in the day. You can make money on this site by sharing your opinion.

Besides Enlumi other good survey sites are Swagbucks, Mobrog, and Triaba. Take part in surveys, watch videos, or play games to make money on them even if you are a student in Nigeria.

The best way to take part in Surveys is to use a VPN. This will give you access to higher-paying surveys.


2. Use Cash Back Sites

Cash-back sites reward you with a part of your online shopping expenses.

When you send somebody money, they give you 10 Naira or more depending on the amount.

Opay is a popular cash-back app in Nigeria. You earn back a small percentage of your spending when you pay for airtime or utility on the app.

You can redeem this reward as airtime or cash.

The rewards are small. But if you are somebody who does up to 10 transfers in a day, they can stack up into beer or recharge card money.

Three excellent cash-back sites in Nigeria are Opay, Branch, and Fairmoney.

SIGN UP FOR OPAY WITH AND GET N1200 BONUS, Refer your 10 friends and get 12,000 for doing almost, nothing. Click link below and register for a new opay account with your second Line to start earning.


3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you refer somebody to an app, product, or service and earn a commission for making a sale.

This is what happens when an Agent brings a tenant to a landlord.

The Fairmoney loan app has a great affiliate marketing program. You can make N3000 daily with your smartphone in Nigeria on this app.

Send people your referral link when they need money and earn a commission when they take a loan.

If they use the app to recharge cards or pay for electricity you also get a commission.

4. Play Games Online and Earn Some Money

Sites like Club Connect, Owodaily, or Naija Worker will pay you for watching ads or liking a Facebook post.

You can also take part in different tasks like signing up on a site, downloading a game, or playing a game.

The amount of money you make depends on how active you are and the availability of tasks.


5. Investment apps

Invest in stocks and withdraw your profits when they grow. This is something you can do with your smartphone in Nigeria.

This might sound complex, but I assure you it’s not.

To begin, select the stocks you want to buy. Naturally, you won’t buy any stock you come across; thorough research is essential.

About a year ago, every fintech app was using Wema Bank as their banking partner.

During that time, the stock of Wema Bank was at 86 kobo. Today, the stock of Wema Bank is worth more than N4.

Learn the fundamentals of stock trading by watching YouTube videos. Also reading about stock trading and the market helps.

The best investment apps in Nigeria are Trove and Bamboo.

10 Best Ways to Make a Full-Time Income With Your Smartphone in Nigeria

6. YouTube

You can create any type of video on YouTube with your smartphone. Well, almost any type.

Most successful YouTubers in Nigeria started with their smartphones. Fisayo Fosudo, who has 500k subscribers today started with a smartphone.

Get 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel and then monetize.

Firstly, you can earn money from display ads. Secondly, you can promote products in the video description. You make a commission when people buy with your link.

Thirdly, YouTube allows fans to support your channel through paid memberships. As you grow companies will pay you to feature their products or services in your videos.

7. Freelancing

how much do freelancers make in nigeria

The average freelancer in Nigeria makes nothing less than $10,000 every year. This is N9 million as of 2023.

A business that pays you 9 million Naira in Nigeria is successful.

What can you do?

Can you write, can you design graphics, do you have any high-income skills? You can sell this skill with your phone and make money if you do.

If you don’t, you can learn.

Skillshare and Udemy are sites where you can learn high-income skills for free.

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.

So, learn a skill today.

8. Write On Quora

Writing on Quora is a great way to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria. Provide value to users and promote products and services where needed.

One of the best things to promote on Quora is the Fiverr affiliate. Find a service on Fiverr such as graphic design or content creation.

Filter out the questions people are asking about this service. Then use ChatGPT to answer these questions. Answer 20 questions every day.

Add your affiliate link to some of these questions when you post them. Two links in every five articles will do.

NOTE: Choose a service you can talk about. This will help you know when ChatGPT generates wrong information.

9. Create and Sell Digital products.

Visit Google Trends on your phone and find out what people are searching for.

After researching on Google Trends, visit ChatGPT and create your product. Your product can be anything.

It can be an ebook about how to create natural skin remedies. It can be a course, on how to make money with ChatGPT.

You can write this ebook on your phone with Google Docs. Download the ebook in PDF format after writing.

Sell the ebook on Facebook with your phone and make N5k every day.

10. Build an Audience on X formerly known as Twitter.

You’ll love X if you love to write. You can talk about anything on X. If you do it well and long enough, you’ll begin to make money.

There are two main ways to make money on X in Nigeria today:

  • Sponsored Tweets: Partner with businesses to promote their products or services in your tweets.
  • X Ads Revenue Sharing Program: This allows you to earn a share of the ad revenue generated from your tweets.

Tips for making money with your smartphone on X in Nigeria:

  • Build your followers. The more followers you have, the more valuable your account will be.
  • Select a specific Niche or topic to cover.
  • Try to tweet at least once a day, and more often if possible.
  • Use hashtags, they get your tweets seen by more people.

11. Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook has a huge marketplace where you can buy and sell on your phone.

Buy things from your local market, then add your price and sell it on the Facebook marketplace.

The first item I sold on the Facebook Marketplace was electronic. I posted it in the morning, and by evening it was sold.

Some of the most popular items to sell on Facebook Marketplace are smartphones, laptops, used furniture, and used cars.

12. Create and Flip Facebook Groups and Pages

Do this to make money with your smartphone in Nigeria. Create a Facebook group or page, grow it to a significant size, and then sell it to another person for a profit.

You can also choose not to sell your group or page. Rather make money with them by:

  • Running ads to the group or page.
  • Selling your products or services to your followers.
  • Charging members a fee to post if this is a buy-and-sell group.

13. Create Content TikTok

social media in nigeria

TikTok boasts a massive user base of over 20 million active users in Nigeria. Whatever content you post on Twitter, people will love it.

The trick to making money today is to get the attention of people. That is why companies like Heineken run advertisements on Television.

Creating content people love is key to making money on TikTok. But how do you find out content that people love?

You do this by creating content on Tikok. Only when you create content will be able to determine the ones people watch and the ones they ignore.

Create more of the ones they watch. As your followers grow various income avenues open up, including

  • Brand partnerships,
  • Participation in the Creator Fund,
  • Receiving virtual gifts during live streams, and
  • Selling your products or services to your followers.

14. Trade Forex Signals

Trading with forex signals is a practice for making quick money that traders use. You buy and sell when instructed.

These signals help novice traders make money from forex trading without breaking a sweat.

Forex trading is accessible to anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection. Unlike some other forms of investment, forex trading often demands a low initial investment.

This business operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Even if you’re the busiest person in the world, you can take a couple of minutes every week to make extra income.

15. Betting Apps.

Betting should be done carefully because it comes with risks that can lead to financial losses.

Think of betting as more of a fun pastime rather than a surefire way to boost your income.

That said, if you’re into betting for entertainment and understand the risks involved, you can do it right from your smartphone using apps like Bet9ja and BetKing.

And you can make a lot of money if you do it smart.

Remember, responsible betting is the key to enjoying the game without hurting your wallet.

Tools For Making Money With Your Smartphone in Nigeria

  • A good phone.
  • An internet connection.
  • Time
  • Constant Power.

A Good Phone

If you are using a phone that sometimes hooks or lags, you’ll find it difficult to put in place the tips given in this article.

You can do it, but you’ll have a hard time.

What are the qualities of a good IOS or Android device?

  • A good camera,
  • Great storage space, as you may need to download some apps. Any phone with 2 GB RAM and above is good to go.
  • Good battery capacity because of the erratic power supply in Nigeria.
  • Updated software that can download the latest apps.

Internet Connection

These days internet connection is like the fountain of life. Without an internet connection, you are cut off from everything.

You’ll be unable to communicate with friends on WhatsApp. Opening your banking app is impossible, and don’t even think about entertaining yourself with YouTube videos.

The internet gives you the chance to explore beyond your environment. And exploring beyond your environment is key to making money with your smartphone.


Success in anything requires a commitment of time.

Making money with your smartphone in Nigeria, as elsewhere, is not a quick or instant process. It often involves a learning curve, consistency, and persistence.

Achieving financial success requires an investment of time to build, and grow.

Constant Power

You are in Nigeria, so I don’t think I have to tell you about this one. You and I know that the power supply in Nigeria is abysmal.

Inconsistent power supply when making money with your smartphone in Nigeria can cause:

  • Interruptions: Frequent disruptions to your work and income streams.
  • Missed Opportunities: Lost chances for timely online transactions.
  • Frustration: Annoyance and frustration from sudden power cuts.
  • Financial Loss: Lost earnings due to halted online activities.
  • Impacts on Earnings: Diminished income potential due to power-related setbacks.

How Do I Use My Phone to Make Money in Nigeria?

I explored ways to use your smartphone to make money in Nigeria.

There are plenty of options available in the smartphone world here.

Whether it’s earning recharge card credits or setting up a full-time income

The best part is that anyone with a smartphone can get in on these opportunities. So there are no obstacles stopping you.

To make any of these things happen. Be responsible and consistent with commitment.

Whether you’re creating engaging content on YouTube, building a following on X (formerly Twitter), or diving into the world of affiliate marketing, dedication and persistence are needed.

Equip yourself with the essential tools: a reliable smartphone, a consistent internet connection, and the commitment of your time.

The potential for financial success is at your fingertips; all you need to do is seize it.

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