11-Year-Old Black Boy Makes History, Raises $233K For Charity

Meet Murhaf Hamid, an 11-year-old Black boy from Sweden who made history by collecting an astonishing $233,000 for the Majblomman (Mayflower) children’s charity. He went viral on social media after sharing his experience of facing racism while out collecting money.

In the traditional yearly campaign, children usually raise around 1,300 kronor ($126) by selling paper flower pins. However, Hamid’s efforts have skyrocketed, reaching a remarkable 2.4 million kronor ($233,000) so far, according to AFP.


The funds go to a charity that helps poor children in Sweden, while the young fundraisers get a 10 percent commission on pin sales and they can also keep any tips they receive.

However, on his first day of raising funds, Hamid, whose parents are Ethiopian, encountered racism as some adults told him to leave the street. He sold only a few pins in 5 hours that day.

He suspected racism, and when a family friend shared his story on Facebook, it went viral. Despite some racist comments, the post garnered overwhelming support. Even political leaders, including Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, bought pins from him.

Laila Rahman, a family friend who wrote the viral Facebook post, emphasized that Hamid’s story goes beyond fundraising. It is also raising awareness about a boy born in Sweden almost 12 years ago, whose family’s asylum application is still in process. Hamid thought of buying a permanent residency after successfully raising funds. Unfortunately, it’s not possible.

Hamid initially aimed to earn some pocket money but ended up exceeding all expectations. He said, “I’m going to buy myself some clothes, trainers, and a few things for my family.”

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