13-Year-Old Black Teen Solves 34 Math Problems in 172 Seconds, Earns Full Scholarship

Meet Nasara James Dabo, a 13-year-old girl from Nigeria who has caught attention with her incredible feat. At the International Mathematical Olympiad, she solved 34 math problems in just 172 seconds, winning a gold medal in the junior category.

Nasara, who is a student at Ideal College International in Kaduna, outshone 150 competitors worldwide, securing a total score of 145. Along with the gold medal, Nasara earned the Olympiad champion title in the prestigious competition that gathers participants from over 100 countries.


Shortly after her IMO victory, Nasara took the Mensa IQ test and aced it under strict supervision. Her IQ score of 150 puts her in the top 1% globally among Mensa applicants.

What’s more, Nasara recently bagged a LIMCA Award for memorizing a whopping 673 binary numbers in less than 9 minutes at the Memory Championship by Mind Sports Olympiad.

After bringing great honor to her community, Nasara, who dreams of becoming a doctor, has been offered a scholarship by the Kaduna State government to cover her secondary and university education expenses.

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