Alex Otti: Exemplary Governor In Biafra Land.

Governor Alex Otti, has a pedigree of good performance, even before assuming office as Governor of Abia State in Nigeria, in the year 2023. He performed creditably well in the banking sector. Alex rose to the position of Managing Director of a popular bank. He graduated from a University with first class B.Sc. degree in Economics.

There was no accusation of embezzlement of fund against him. He’s a God-fearing man. His taking over the reins of power, was really an act of God; against massive rigging of election results. The man actually won the election clearly. God used the Retuning Officer for Abia State result, Professor Nnenna Oti of FUTO, to announce the authentic result which he won. One of the Governorship candidates, attempted to bribe her with very huge sum of money. She refused. She was also threatened, but stood her ground. She exercised her unshakable faith in God, by doing the right thing. And today, we have a God-given Executive Governor of Abia State.


He’s quite unique from his predecessors, who were very corrupt. Alex swung into action soon after the swearing in. That same month of May, he paid all the arrears of over three years’ salaries and pensions, owed workers and pensioners in the state. His administration has embarked on massive rehabilitation, and construction of roads in Umuahia the state capital, Aba, and other places in Abia.

The unprecedented networking of solid road constructions going in Aba, and environs, are big surprises to everyone. He contracted the best construction companies, including Julius Berger, to do thorough jobs, which include drainage system. Aba is undergoing tremendous transformation. Talents are being encouraged. For decades, the city of Aba, had been grossly neglected and abandoned by previous Governors of Abia State. They stole money meant for rehabilitation of roads there: while some did very poor jobs. During raining season, most parts of the city would be water-logged; and many buildings submerged by flood.


Governor Otti came and changed the narrative. The whole place is wearing a new look now. Within some months of taking over power, he has completed construction of some major roads. People are wondering if it isn’t from the same State Government coffers, he’s using money to achieve these spectacular fits. Is the money coming from heaven they asked? He replied them to ask their past rulers what they did with Abia State treasury. His predecessors were always complaining of lack of funds. But, they had landed properties everywhere: both home and abroad. They looted the state blind.

Right now, he’s building a seaport of international standard; as well as modular oil refinery, and other industrial clusters. When the seaport is completed, it will boost industrial and commercial activities here in the East in particular, and Nigeria at large. Our people have suffered a lot in clearing their goods in Lagos port; and transporting them to the East, or other places by roads. It will eliminate extortions which occur on road blocks, manned by parasites in uniform.

The Governor is tackling the menace of Fulani Terrorist Herdsmen. He ordered Police raid in Lokpanta Cattle Market in the state. It was discovered about 70 decomposing bodies of dead human beings, were hidden there, by those kidnappers who disguise as cattle rearers. 20 of the bodies were beheaded. Of course, some arrests have been made. There is a serious move to relocate, or make the market non-residential.

He promised to tackle ritual killings and other heinous crimes. The raid was in line with his aim to stop kidnapping, armed robbery, prostitution, narcotics trade, etc. We would be glad if he sticks to his vow, to fight ritual murders in the state. Those who came before him didn’t help matters. They were all fetish.


Our advice to him is to allow ESN men, to continue guarding Abia forests as authorized by the immediate past Governor. ESN ought to be embraced by all Governor in Biafra land. They are very effective in guarding forests. He needs to exercise caution in his dealing with Nigeria security agents. They take orders from Abuja. And they are mandated to overlook nefarious actions of Fulani herdsmen, and other Fulani terrorists. Rather, they are instructed to hunt for ESN and Biafra agitators. Let him do the much he can, to reduce clashes between ESN and Nigerian Armed Forces, while the former carryout surveillance of our bushes.

His coming on board is a big relief to us. When the righteous is in power, the people rejoice. When the wicked is ruling the people mourn. His assumption of office, can be likened to that of King Josiah of Judah, who purged his domain of all forms of idolatry. Governor Otti has begun on very impressive note. Let him not relent in his efforts to sanitize the state, and improve on quality of lives of the people. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and pray for Abia State Government. If he completes the seaport, oil refinery, and other laudable projects he has embarked on, he will easily be the best Governor ever from Eastern Nigeria. May God Almighty guide and protect him, as he continues with his exemplary leadership in Abia State. Amen.

Written by
Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi.

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