American music icon, 50 Cent, Grants $48,000 Scholarship to Student Facing Financial Struggles at Kashmere High School

American music icon, 50 Cent, has generously awarded a $48,000 full scholarship to a deserving student who faced financial challenges paying her school fees at Kashmere High School. Curtis James Jackson III, widely known as 50 Cent, is not only a renowned rapper, actor, and television producer but also an active philanthropist dedicated to supporting youth in both sports and education.

Having recently relocated to Houston, Texas, 50 Cent made a substantial donation of $300,000 to the Houston Independent School District. This generous contribution is intended for the G-Star Program Business Lab, benefiting underperforming schools in the area, including Wheatley High School, Worthing High School, and Kashmere High School.


One of the notable beneficiaries of the G-Star Program is Kennedy Nelms, a student from Kashmere High School. Kennedy has been awarded a full scholarship worth $48,000 to pursue her education at the University of Texas, Austin. Expressing his pride in the program’s success, 50 Cent shared the news on Instagram, emphasizing the positive impact on the lives of young individuals. Kennedy is among 75 students from three Houston ISD schools participating in the G-Star Program, which includes a 12-week curriculum integrating 50 Cent’s book “Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter.”

50 Cent’s commitment to supporting education reflects his belief in providing opportunities that he didn’t have earlier in life. The program aims to empower students with valuable experiences, preventing them from making mistakes and offering a new direction for their future choices. In an interview with Forward Times, 50 Cent emphasized the significance of these opportunities, which he believes will shape the students’ decisions positively.


Kennedy Nelms, excited about the scholarship, plans to launch a clothing line that challenges conventional fashion norms. Eager to absorb the knowledge offered, Kennedy looks forward to learning and sharing her entrepreneurial journey with others. The G-Star Program and 50 Cent’s philanthropy highlight the importance of providing meaningful opportunities to young individuals for personal and professional development.


This act of generosity demonstrates 50 Cent’s dedication to making a positive impact on education, particularly in underprivileged communities, showcasing the transformative power of giving back.

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