An Account Of Primate Ayodele’s Prophecies On Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s Illness, Death

Ondo state has been thrown into mourning following the death of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu after a prolonged battle with illness. He was said to have died of leukemia on Wednesday morning.

This is coming just five days after Nigerian prophet, Primate Elijah Ayodele revealed that he foresees the death of a sitting governor in his 2024 prophecies which was released on Friday, 22nd Of December, 2023.

The prophet in his 90-page prophecy for 2024 which has now gone viral asked the governors forum to pray against bereavement. He urged them to pray fervently against death in their midst while giving them other warnings in preparation for the coming year.

These were his words

‘’GOVERNORS FORUM : The spirit of God says we need to pray fervently so that the Governors Forum will not be bereaved. Let us pray so that the governors will not be getting confused or that the governors will not be trading words with themselves. Let us rebuke through prayers what can cause misunderstanding in the Forum as revealed by the spirit of God. Let us pray so that no governor will be involved is an accident, be indicted before leaving office or lose any of their Aides in terrible circumstances.’’

Meanwhile, it would be recalled that Primate Ayodele had in the course of the year stated that he doesn’t see all governors finishing their tenures. He warned repeatedly against death and attack on any governor in Nigeria.

Primate Ayodele’s prophecies on Governor Rotimi Akeredolu can be traced back to July 2022 when the prophet released his 2022/2023 annual prophecy book titled ‘Warnings To The Nations’. He urged Nigerians to pray in order to prevent illness among governors. He specifically mentioned that a sitting governor will be involved.

These were his words:

‘’Let us rebuke bridge collapsing and major market engulfed by fire. Let us pray that no sitting governor will fall sick in Nigeria and EFCC will embarrass some governors. Let us pray not to record the death of a former president and the death of any minister either former or present. Nigeria as a country needs lots of prayers to prevent negative and evil things.’’

Almost one year after the prophetic warning, late governor Rotimi Akeredolu became ill and had to be flown abroad for treatment. After three months in Germany, Akeredolu returned to Nigeria.

However, after his return, Primate Ayodele disclosed that he still sees the governor in Danger and called for prayers for his survival. The governor’s aides and family made everyone believe nothing was wrong with him again but Primate Ayodele insisted and called for prayers on behalf of the governor.


The prophet still revealed last month that Governor Akeredolu has a 50-50 chance at returning to office. He continued to call for more prayers for the governor because according to him, his illness is more spiritual than physical. He asked his family to seek spiritual assistance to revive the deceased governor.

‘’Let the family of Akeredolu take his matter very seriously. What is happening to him is more spiritual than physical. His health is very serious. They need to seek the face of God so he can be delivered otherwise, he has a 50-50 chance of returning to office.’’


During the political crisis In Ondo which President Tinubu intervened in, Primate Ayodele asked that they shouldn’t involve Governor Rotimi Akeredolu because all he needs is prayers for him to end his tenure. The prophet maintained that there are issues about the governor that need serious prayers.

‘’Despite the president’s intervention, I am not seeing agreement and peace in Ondo state … .The governor needs prayers, let’s not involve him in this matter. There is a need for prayer for him to survive and end his term. There are still issues, we still need to pray seriously for him.’’


He warned them not to pray politics with the life of Rotimi Akeredolu but diligently run to God for his recovery.

‘’Governor Akeredolu needs prayers for him to come back to office and to return to power. His family needs to seek the face of God concerning his illness.’’

“It is more spiritual than physical. There are forces fighting him that don’t wish him well. He needs prayer for his health. His family should step into the spiritual aspect of it.’’

The demise of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu is unfortunate especially at a time when the political atmosphere of Ondo state is tense but it is also another testament of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic prowess. In all of his warnings to the family of Akeredolu, one can deduce that the prophet already knew what was going to happen but called for prayers repeatedly for the governor in order to avert evil from happening; this is obviously the importance of a prophet.

Primate Ayodele didn’t just arrive at the death of Rotimi Akeredolu, he started from disclosing that he foresees a sitting governor being incapacitated due to illness and when it happened, He gave further directions till the very end. This shows the depth of Primate Ayodele’s prophetic insight and likewise, mirrors how people handle prophetic warnings with levity.

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