Austria Work Visa Process 2024 (Red White Red Card)

Austria is a beautiful country with a strong economy making it an attractive destination for many people who want to work in Austria. In this post, we are gonna tell you about the Austria Work Visa Process, the types of work permits, and the requirements to obtain a Work permit and work visa. The interesting thing is that people who are looking for a Job in Austria but don’t have an employment offer yet from Austria can apply for the Austria Job Seeker Visa which allows them to look for employment.

Employers in Austria provide great work conditions, benefits, and high salaries that attract foreign nationals to migrate for work purposes in Austria. The most common type of work visa in Austria is a Red-White-Red Card. However, citizens from EU/EEA countries can live and work in Austria only for up to 90 days without a work permit and Visa. More details about the application process for the Austria Work Visa are given below.


Who Does Not Need a Work Permit for Austria?

Only Citizens of the EU/EEA can live and work in Austria without acquiring a work permit for up to 90 days. After this, they must apply for a certificate of registration to continue their stay.

What is the Austria Red White Red Card?

The most common type of work visa for Austria is the Red-White-Red Card. The Austria Red-White-Red Card is a work permit as well as a residence permit for highly qualified workers from non-European countries who want to live and work in Austria.


It is valid for 24 months. To be eligible, one must need to be highly qualified and secure the minimum points. The Points will be calculated based on language skills, professional achievements, age, work experience, etc.

You can qualify for the Red White Red Card if you fall into one of these categories:

Austria Work Visa Points

Required Points:

  • Very highly qualified workers.
    • Points needed: 70
  • Skilled workers in shortage occupations.
    • Points needed: 55
  • Other key workers.
    • Points needed: 55
  • Job Seekers
    • Points needed: 70
  • Graduates of universities and colleges of higher education in Austria.

You can use the points calculator to see how many points you score. Read more about the Austria Job Seeker Visa.


Austria Work Visa Requirements

The requirements to obtain an Austrian work visa vary from country to country, the type of visa you are applying for, your qualifications, and your position.

Please select your country of nationality from this link Austrian representation (embassy or consulate). And check the visa requirements.

In some countries, VFS Global manages the Visa application process for Austria. Please check the VFS Global website (

Stay Duration

The Austria Red-White-Red Card Visa will be issued for 24 months. 

The Job Seeker Visa will allow you to stay for six months to search for employment. If you can find a job during that time then you can apply for the Red-White-Red Card permit that will be issued for 24 months.

Visa Cost

  • Jobseeker Visa: €150
  • Red-White-Red Card:
    • Application: €120
    • Granting: €20
    • Costs of (Fingerprints, scan of photography, and signature): €20

How much time is Required to Process your Austria visa application?

The processing time depends on the location and country from where you are applying. On average it can take up to 8 weeks.

How to Apply for the Austria Work Visa?

There are a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Secure a job.
  2. Apply for a work permit.
  3. Apply for a work visa.
  4. Travel to Austria.

Step 1: Find a Job in Austria

You must have a valid job offer before applying for a work permit and a work visa. If you do not have a Job offer you can apply for the Job seeker Visa for Austria.

Use popular online websites to look for Job opportunities in Austria such as EURES,,

Do try to look for Jobs in a shortage occupation. Because these professions are in demand in Austria. Here you can find the list of Austria-wide shortage occupations and regional shortage occupations for 2024:

Step 2: Apply for a Work Permit

Once you are employed by someone in Austria. Your employer can apply for the permit for you in their local residence authority or you can apply personally at a representative authority within your residence country.

Step 3: Apply for (D) Long Term Visa

Now you are set to apply for the Visa. You must apply for a national D visa before you move to Austria. You need to pick up your “Red White Red Card” from Austria after your arrival.

From this link, you can select your country and it will tell you the “Representative” Authority for Austria in your Home country where you can file your application.

Step 4: Travel to Austria

Pick your Red white card. It will be valid for 24 months. After two years, you can apply for a Red-White-Red Card Plus which enables you to stay in Austria for two more years.

I hope this helps. You can find more information on the types of residence permits available, the requirements for obtaining a residence permit, and other relevant information from Permanent Immigration to Austria.

Disclaimer: This information is for general guidance only and individuals should consult official sources for the latest and most accurate details.

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