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Scholarship for Nigerian students who want to study abroad including visa, insurance provisions

Radboud University, Netherlands, has offered scholarship opportunities for brilliant Nigerian students who want to acquire master’s degree programmes. The scholarship offers a full tuition fee waiver and all living expenses of up to €11,520 (N11.2 million) for the duration of the study. Radboud University made the...

Top 20 Countries with Highest US Visa Application Rejection

The United States (US) visa is one of the most highly sought-after visas in the world. The reason is glaring to all. From education to job opportunities, the country has a lot to offer immigrants. However, not all applicants for the visa are granted. In...

Japa: 10 countries people regret moving to

Moving to a new country is a significant life decision, often driven by factors such as job opportunities, adventure, or a desire for a lifestyle change. However, not every relocation results in a positive experience, and many individuals find themselves regretting their decision. According to...

Cost Of Traveling To The United States From Nigeria (2023)

Undoubtedly, one of the top countries that Nigerians love to travel to is the United States of America. They travel to the United States for a variety of purposes, including job, study, vacation, business, healthcare, and recreation. You must first determine the cost of...