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Conflicting Accounts Emerge In Mummy Calm Down Woman’s Death

Contradictory narratives surrounding the death of Toluige Olokobi Babalola, who went viral in the ‘Mummy Calm Down’ video, have emerged between her husband and neighbors.

Babalola was found dead by hanging in her home in Benin City, Edo State on November 8th. Her husband Lawal reported to police that he returned home to find their 2-year-old son crying and his wife dead by an apparent suicide.

However, speaking to reporters, police spokesperson Chidi Nwabuzor revealed inconsistencies between Lawal’s account and the neighbors’ version of events.

According to Nwabuzor, while Lawal claims he loosened the rope from Babalola’s neck with neighbors’ help, the neighbors deny seeing any rope or assisting with it.

Lawal also told police a suicide note was found, but the neighbors allege they found Lawal lying on top of his wife’s body when responding to his screams.

Police examiners did not find marks on Babalola’s body indicating hanging or strangulation. The cause of death remains unclear.

Given the contradictory stories, Edo State Police Commissioner Muhammed Dankwara has ordered an investigation into Babalola’s death.

Babalola and her son gained internet fame in 2021 after a viral video showed the boy pleading “Mummy calm down” while his angry mother scolded him. Her recent death under mysterious circumstances has confounded the public.

The police seek to uncover the facts behind the conflicting accounts and determine if it was suicide, homicide or an accident. Lawal is currently under scrutiny as part of the ongoing probe.


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