Full List: Oil marketers approved to lift products from Dangote Refinery

The Dangote Petroleum Refinery is the largest single-train refinery in the world. It commenced production on January 12, 2024, although it had earlier targeted June 2023 for its production.

According to the company, the production’s first phase will prioritize diesel and aviation fuel, followed by the subsequent production of petrol.


No less than five major oil marketers have enrolled to lift and distribute refined products from the 650,000 bpd oil refinery. Below are their names:

  • 11 Plc
  • Conoil Plc
  • Ardova Plc
  • MRS Oil Nigeria Plc
  • OVH Energy Marketing Limited
  • Total Nigeria Plc
  • NNPC Retail
  • Eterna Plc

Announcing its official approval to distribute Dangote Refinery’s products, Eterna Plc, in a statement on its company website, described it as a “major milestone in the energy industry.


“This appointment positions Eterna Plc as one of the major distributors of Dangote domestic products in the country and reinforces the company’s commitment to improving product supply with the assurance of significant investment in trucking both through truck acquisition and strategic partnership with third-party transportation.”

Meanwhile, the members of the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN), oil marketing giants Conoil Plc, 11 Plc, Total Nigeria Plc, Ardova Plc, MRS Oil Nigeria Plc, OVH Energy Marketing Limited, and NNPC Retail, have expressed readiness to kickstart distribution once commercial terms are finalised.

Clement Isong, CEO of MOMAN, confirmed that all members have registered with Dangote, anticipating the prompt availability of products in their stations.

“We have all registered with Dangote so that we can buy and sell. All my members are registered with Dangote. Whenever the product is ready and starts coming out, you will see it in our filling stations,” Isong affirmed.

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