Man beheads wife over delayed cup of tea

A 52-year-old man stabbed his wife 15 times with a sword before beheading her, in a village of Faljagadh, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, near the capital Delhi.

The irate husband identified as Dharamveer allegedly killed his wife, Sundari in a violent rage for delaying his morning cup of tea in the early hours of Tuesday.

According to Daily Mail, the man woke up a few minutes after his 50-year-old wife, who had already started the preparation of the brew, and immediately asked where it was.

The police said as the woman told her husband to give her about 10 minutes to finish the preparation of the tea, Dharamveer became angry and rushed to get a weapon which he allegedly used to hack at his wife in the kitchen.

Police Superintendent Vivek Yadav revealed that Sundari was awake as early as 6 a.m. to prepare the tea as she daily did.

According to the police, the couple’s four children were still asleep when the tragic incident happened a few minutes Dharamveer woke up after his wife and demanded a cup of tea which was not ready at that time of asking.

“After around five minutes, Dharamveer asked for tea again and rushed to the makeshift kitchen on the terrace. He got angry when his wife told him it would take another 10 minutes for the tea to get ready and kicked the utensils away,” Yadav said.

“He then went to get the sword before returning and using it to kill his wife,” the officer said.

When their son, named Soldier, heard the woman’s screams, he reportedly rushed to the scene, where he met his mother bleeding out.

The report further disclosed that Dharamveer allegedly attacked the children as they tried to help her, and they fled to their room.

“I and my two sisters tried to save our mother, but my father threatened to kill us. That is why we left the place. My father Dharamvir while fleeing towards the sugarcane crop fields was brandishing the sword so that nobody could catch hold of him,” Soldier recounted.

Alerted by the cries of the poor children, villagers also rushed over to their home and found Sundari lying lifeless in a pool of blood.

They called the police and Sundari’s body was taken away for autopsy and Dharamveer was arrested afterwards. The police had also begun an investigation into the matter.

Soldier told Indian media that his father had become angry over tea before and often shouted at his mother, but had never hit her.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Gyan Prakash Rai said, “Dharamveer and Sundari had a fight over making tea. He then took out a sharp weapon and attacked her on the neck from behind, which led to her immediate death. (Vanguard)

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