Most Wanted Professions in Portugal That Make It Easier to Get an Employment Visa

Approximately 57,375 job openings were registered in Portugal in June this year, according to EUROSTAT data.

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Portuguese companies are, in particular, facing challenges in recruiting individuals in sectors such as information and communication technologies, business support centres, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, construction, and renewable energy, reports.

This implies that foreigners aspiring to live and work in Portugal stand a better chance of securing a Portuguese work visa if they fall within any of these professional categories.


To make things even easier for foreigners wishing to move into its territory for work purposes, the Portuguese government launched the “Working in Portugal” program last year. The program aids immigrants in obtaining the necessary documents for legal entry and stay in the country, and it also offers them employment opportunities.

In 2021, Portuguese authorities emphasised the necessity of migrants to address labour shortages in the country.

A contributing factor to Portugal’s reliance on foreign workers is the fact that this country has one of the oldest populations in Europe. According to Statista, last year, 23 per cent of the Portuguese population was over 65 years old.

The companies in Portugal are looking to employ mainly individuals that belong to the following occupations:


1. Information & Communication Technologies

The most in-demand jobs from this sector include occupations such as software developers, data analysts, cyber security specialists, and IT engineers with specific areas of expertise.

The average pay for a computer software engineer is €50,360 a year, whereas for cyber security specialists, it is €50,932, according to the Economic Research Institute (ERI).

2. Business Support Centres

As per this sector, companies in Portugal need to hire staff in sales administration, human resources, accounting, and management control. Also, professionals with very specific language skills are difficult to find in Portugal.

For Human Resources managers in Portugal, the average pay for a year is €52,696, for accountants, it is €38,438 a year, and for sales representatives, the average salary is €30,242 a year.

3. Healthcare

In this sector, doctors and nurses with different specialisations are mainly in demand.

The annual average salary of doctors in Portugal varies depending on their specialisation and other factories. However, the average salary for medical doctors is €88,488 a year, whereas, for a registered nurse, it is €31,702 a year.

4. Hospitality & Tourism

Employers with an occupation related to hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, and tourism in general, are also in demand in Portugal.

The average pay for a kitchen chef is €27,797 a year, for waiters, it is €14,609 and for a barista it is €12,932 a year.

Housekeepers have an average salary of €14,902 per year, for receptionists it is €18,100, while for guide escorts it is €13,428 a year.

5. Agriculture

This sector usually needs seasonal workers, especially fruit and vegetable pickers. According to the SalaryExpert, fruit pickers have an average salary of €10,628 per year.

6. Construction

Plumbers, electricians, and other skilled tradespeople are also in demand in Portugal. The average pay for plumbers is €29,927 a year, whereas for electricians, it is €31,199 a year.

7. Renewable energy

This sector mainly needs workers with expertise in development, installation, and maintenance.

Salaries vary depending on the specific occupation. For example, the average pay for a solar energy system installer is €29,338 a year.

The majority of job vacancies are in The Centre region of Portugal, and the most in-demand occupations are related to personal care and healthcare, transportation, the pharmaceutical industry, civil construction, machine operators, and agriculture (seasonal unskilled workers).

Companies in this region also need proficient professionals with language, programming, and technical skills in the IT, electronics, and contact centre sectors.

On the other hand, individuals with an occupation related to economics, management, business studies, marketing, advertising, sales, teaching, social sciences, humanities, certain engineering fields, and tourism-related roles can potentially relocate within Europe, according to EURES.

Basic Rules Foreigners Must Know Before Applying for a Work Visa in Portugal

Citizens of EU/EFA countries and Switzerland don’t need a visa in order to work in Portugal. However, if they plan to live in the country for more than three months, they need a Residence Certificate.

Meanwhile, citizens of other countries need a work visa if they intend to work in Portugal. The application process must be completed by the employer through the Portuguese Labour Authorities.

Prior to submitting the application, the employer must confirm that the job vacancy has been posted for a minimum of one month for Portuguese workers to apply. This ensures that the relevant authorities can ascertain whether a Portuguese or EU citizen had the opportunity to fill the position during that period.

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Portugal?

Individuals who intend to live and work in Portugal, may also like to check first the living expenses in this country.

Portugal is ranked 28th in Europe and 66th in the world according to the Cost of Living Index by Numbeo.

A single person’s estimated monthly expenses, not including the rent, are €617. On the other hand, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city centre costs approximately €773.78 per month. For those intending to save extra money may consider living outside the city centre, where the same size apartment costs approximately €598.84 per month.

A one-way ticket for the local transport costs about €1.75, whereas a monthly pass ticket costs €40.

On the other hand, the monthly expenses for a family of four members are estimated to be €2,168.6, not including the rent. Meanwhile, the monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment located in the city centre is about €1,275.27. A similar-sized apartment but located outside the city centre costs less, with a monthly rent estimated at €992.89.

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