Nigerian Immigration Salary, Ranks and Training Allowance 2023

Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure for Graduates, and HND holders, Ranks and Training Allowance 2023

Pay Structure for the Nigeria Immigration Service for BSC, HND, ND, NCE, and SSCE: The Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) is one of the country’s paramilitary organizations tasked with regulating immigration to and from Nigeria, issuing travel documents and residence permits, among other duties.

Understanding how much staff members of the Nigeria Immigration Service get paid at the end of each month is the main focus of the article.

We all know that the NIS salary structure is the same as that of the Customs service, NSCDC, and Police, but it differs significantly from that of the Navy, Air Force, and Army.

This is due to the fact that the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS) serves as the foundation for the NIS compensation structure.

Prior to delving deeply into the NIS compensation structure, it is crucial that we examine the ranks, which are crucial in determining how much each NIS employee will be paid.

Nigerian Immigration Salary Structure 2023

  • Immigration Assistant (IA) starting from ₦374,259 to ₦374,259 (level 3 – 5)
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)starting from ₦357,385 to ₦411,454 (level 6)
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII) starting from ₦483,014 to 567,065 (level 7)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI II) starting from ₦858,956 to ₦986,991 (level 8)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI I) starting from ₦939,310 to ₦1,056,416 (level 9)
  • Deputy Superintendent of Immigration (DSI) starting from ₦1,012,562 to ₦1,143,539 (level 10)
  • Superintendent of Immigration (SI) starting from ₦1,094,027 to ₦1,252,038 (level 11)
  • Chief Superintendent of Immigration (CSI) starting from ₦1,158,172 to ₦1,325,234 (level 12)
  • Assistant Comptroller of Immigration (ACI) starting from ₦1,225,584 to ₦1,405,449 (level 13)
  • Deputy Comptroller of Immigration (DCI) starting from ₦1,619,447 to ₦1,825,589 (level 14)
  • Comptroller of Immigration (CI) starting from ₦1,759,921 to ₦1,966,281 (level 15)
  • Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration (ACGI) starting from ₦2,272,288 to ₦2,464,560
  • Deputy Comptroller General of Immigration (DCGI) Consolidated
  • Comptroller General of Immigration (CGI) Consolidated

Nigerian Immigration Ranks

  • Comptroller General Immigration Service (CGIS)
  • Assistant Comptrollers General (ACGI)
  • Superintendent of Immigration (AC)
  • Assistant Superintendent of Immigration (ASI)
  • Senior Inspector of Immigration (SII)
  • Assistant Inspector of Immigration (AII)
  • Immigration Assistant (IA)
  • Passport Officers

Please be aware that the salary listed above does not include any benefits, such as shift assignments, guard duties, transportation expenses, overtime, uniform expenses, or other risks.

Also, it’s crucial to realize that the Consolidated Paramilitary Pay Structure serves this purpose because the Immigration Service’s Salary cannot be determined separately (CONPASS)

Since the Service has a two-tiered rank structure, we have an inspectorate cadre that ranges in level from Level 3 to 7. And praise from the Officer’s Cadre at levels 8 and higher.

A person is immediately placed on an inspectorate Cadre if they apply for immigration with a credential that is less than a university degree or its equivalent.

Please be aware that some jobs or duties, like those performed by drivers, technicians, and cleaners, are strictly conducted by people who hold a professional tradesperson qualification. The inspectorate cadre are those people. They are indispensable to the Service, and you can actually work without a college degree.

Similar to this, everyone who joins the Service on demand and has a university degree or an equivalent is put on the officer’s cadre. It is level 8 or higher.

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