Okada Rider Defies Odds: Graduates with First Class from FUNAAB

In a remarkable achievement, Toyinbo Hezekiah Ojuola, an Okada rider, has defied societal expectations by graduating with a First Class degree in Animal Breeding and Genetics from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), Ogun State. Despite initial skepticism from his parents, who wanted him to learn a trade after secondary school, Ojuola pursued higher education, emerging as the sole first-class graduate during FUNAAB’s recent 30th convocation.

Ojuola shared, “I never believed I would graduate with a 2’1. I was just doing my thing. When I saw that I graduated with a first-class, I was so happy.” He narrated his journey, starting as a bricklayer and progressing to become an Okada rider, often transporting bags of cement.

Expressing gratitude, Ojuola highlighted the misconception people had about his educational pursuits. “Most people are not aware that I attended school. They only knew me as an Okada rider,” he explained. Despite facing societal norms and challenges, Ojuola’s commitment to education has now become an inspiring success story.

In a related note, FUNAAB recently celebrated its 30th convocation, producing 2,823 graduates, with Ojuola standing out as a testament to determination and resilience.

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