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Oraimo 60000mah Power bank review and price

Let’s take a look at the Oraimo 60000mah power bank an unbiased review from personal usage, Oraimo power banks come in different sizes and price ranging from the 10000mah to the highest capacity which is 60000mah.

Oraimo 60000mah power bank

Just like I advised earlier, I’ll still advice that you should consider buying your Oraimo 60000mah power bank from the Oraimo official store here because that is where I got mine and I can vouch for the quality of the product.


How much is Oraimo 60000mah power bank

The Oraimo 60000mah is sold between 55,000- 75,000 naira depending on where you are buying it.

The Oraimo 60000mah power bank comes with the following unique features which includes;

1. 22W Anifast quick charge – 22W Anifast PD & QC 3.0 in & out smart charge technology that comes with the Oraimo 60000mah power bank is a one the most unique feature that stands it out among competitors, the Anifast quick charge technology charges you phone from zero to 100% in less than an an hour.

2. LED digital display – this gives you accurate display of the level of usage over time, the LED display also indicates the charging level when the power bank is connected to power.

3. 5 outputs – This Oraimo power bank comes with 5 different outputs that allows you charge 5 of your gadgets concurrently, the first two outputs with the green indicator are the 22W quick charge outputs for fast charging, while the other two support regular charging for non fast charging devices which I personally use to charge my Oraimo universal Mifi that came with my power as a gift.

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4. 3W hand held torch with SOS alert light- The Oraimo 60000mah power bank LED touch light illuminates your space with good quality light that can serve it’s purpose in a time of need.

5. C-2-C output – This Oraimo power bank also comes with the C-2-C output feature.

Below are key important things to look out for when buying the Oraimo 60000mah power bank.

Capacity: Ensure if the claimed 60000mAh capacity holds up in actual usage. Consider how many full charges this device can give or provides when fully charged.

Build Quality: Assess the build because this product has a unique build that differentiates it from other Oraimo power banks.

Charging Speed: Check the charging speed of the power bank by connecting your charger and ascertaining the ability to charge fast. Does it support quick charging for your devices, and how efficient is it?

Portability: Consider the size and weight of the power bank. One way you can ascertain the originality of the device is by the weight and it ought to have a certain weight because of it strength.

Number of Ports: The number and types of ports available on the Oraimo 60000mah power bank are 5 outputs and anything less than that you should not consider to accept. Also consider if it can charge multiple devices simultaneously and if it supports various charging cables.

Additional Features: Look for any extra features such as LED indicators, 3W built-in flashlights or hand held touch light or advanced safety features like overcharge protection when your device is fully charged and you’re not available to unplug it.

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Compatibility: Ensure that the power bank is compatible with your devices, especially if you have newer gadgets that may require specific charging standards.

Price: Compare the price you are getting where you are buying it and the average market price and that will tell you the value of what you are buying to an extent .

Warranty and Customer care Support: Look into the warranty provided by the manufacturer and the reputation of their customer support. This is crucial in case you encounter any issues while using the product.


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