Storekeeping Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Salary Upto $24 per hour)

This guide covers the essentials of storekeeping jobs in Canada, including requirements, benefits, job types, and tips for securing a position.

This article talks about storekeeping jobs in Canada for people from other countries with sponsored visas. It will explain the details of such jobs like what kinds of jobs you can find what you need to have and where to look for these jobs.


Storekeeping involves handling products and services at places like retail stores, warehouses, and distribution centers. It includes keeping track of inventory and sales, as well as organizing and maintaining the retail space.

Understand About  Storekeeping Jobs in Canada


Storekeeping jobs in Canada are a great chance for foreign workers with a sponsored visa to gain skills and experience in the retail industry.

Storekeepers play a key role in ensuring products are well-stocked and displayed, creating inventory reports, and maintaining accurate records of stock.

They support customers and store managers with everyday tasks and work in various settings like department stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, and other retail outlets.

As a storekeeper, you will handle a wide range of tasks including customer service, stock management, and organization.


Duties involve receiving and unloading goods, stocking shelves, setting up displays, and handling payments. Storekeepers also need to stay informed about market trends to meet customer needs and preferences

Visa Sponsorship for Storekeeping Jobs

Foreign nationals who have valid work permits and can show they are fit for the job can get visa sponsorship for storekeeper positions in Canada. To qualify, you might need a valid work permit, proof of the right education and/or experience, and a valid passport. Storekeepers in Canada can look forward to good pay and bonuses based on how well they do, as well as a strong benefits package. There are also many chances for professional growth and moving up in your career.

Overall, storekeeping jobs in Canada offer a great opportunity for those from other countries who want a visa sponsorship. This is a chance to learn and grow in the retail sector. If you have the necessary skills and are open to new ideas, you can find long-term employment as a storekeeper in Canada

Qualifications and Requirements for Storekeeping Jobs

Storekeeping jobs can be a solid choice for anyone looking for a stable and reliable way to earn money. To qualify for storekeeping roles in Canada, foreign workers must meet certain requirements:

  • Have a valid work permit
  • At least a high school diploma or similar education
  • Good skills in customer service and talking with others
  • The ability to work alone or with a team
  • Basic skills in using computers
  • Understanding how to stock products and manage inventory
  • The strength to lift and carry items up to fifty pounds

Requirements for Storekeeping Jobs

For storekeeping jobs in Canada, foreign workers need to have:

  • An active Social Insurance Number (SIN) in Canada
  • A background check for any criminal history
  • Positive feedback from reference checks
  • The skill to read and understand English well
  • Flexibility with work hours, ready to work on weekends and evenings
  • A valid driver’s license and a way to get to work
  • The skill to keep files and documents in order
  • The ability to follow safety rules and directions
  • The stamina to stand for long times
  • The capability to work in a busy environment and use different hand and power tools

Types of Storekeeping Jobs in Canada

Storekeeping jobs in Canada are a great career path for foreigners looking to gain experience. There are many kinds of storekeeping roles, each with its own responsibilities and challenges. Whether in a grocery store, drugstore, retail shop, or other types of stores, there are opportunities. Here are some storekeeping jobs:

  1. Retail Store Keeper: Tasks include keeping the store tidy, restocking products, managing customer relations, labeling, and pricing products.
  2. Pharmacy Store Keeper: Responsibilities involve stocking, organizing, and updating the inventory of a pharmacy, understanding medications, and advising customers.
  3. Grocery Store Keeper: Duties include pricing, stocking, and organizing inventory, as well as assisting customers in finding products.
  4. Warehouse Store Keeper: In charge of stocking, organizing, and managing inventory in a warehouse, requiring the use of various tools and equipment.

Canada offers visa programs for foreign workers in this field, like the International Experience Canada Program, the Provincial Nominee Program, and the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

  1. Grocery Store Manager: Oversees all aspects of the store, including staff management and inventory control. Various Canadian visa options are available for this role.
  2. Supermarket Clerk: Works in customer service, assisting with purchases, stocking shelves, and handling payments. Foreign workers can apply through several Canadian visa programs.
  3. Retail Store Manager: Manages the staff, monitors inventory, and oversees customer service. There are multiple visa options for foreigners interested in this role.
  4. Store Clerk: Assists customers with purchases, restocks shelves, and processes payments. Canada offers a variety of visa programs for foreigners seeking work in this sector.

Benefits of Storekeeping Jobs in Canada

Storekeeping jobs in Canada offer several advantages:

  1. Stable Employment: Storekeeping jobs in Canada offer stable employment opportunities, providing a consistent income for individuals.
  2. Skill Development: These jobs help individuals develop valuable skills such as inventory management, customer service, and organization.
  3. Career Growth: Storekeeping jobs can lead to career advancement opportunities, including higher-level positions within the retail or logistics industry.
  4. Diverse Work Environment: Working in a store allows individuals to interact with diverse groups of people, enhancing their communication and interpersonal skills.
  5. Flexibility: Many storekeeping jobs offer flexible working hours, making it easier for individuals to balance work with other commitments.
  6. Job Security: With the retail sector being an essential part of the economy, storekeeping jobs are less likely to be affected by economic downturns.
  7. Competitive Pay: Storekeepers in Canada often receive competitive wages, which can improve their quality of life.
  8. Employee Benefits: Many storekeeping jobs in Canada offer benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.
  9. Contribution to Community: Working in a store allows individuals to contribute to their community by providing essential goods and services.
  10. Opportunity for Entrepreneurship: Storekeeping jobs can also provide individuals with the skills and experience needed to start their own retail business in the future.

Overall, storekeeping jobs in Canada offer a combination of accessibility, growth potential, competitive compensation, and diverse work environments, making them a viable option for those seeking a stable and rewarding career path.

Process of Applying for Storekeeping Jobs

To apply for storekeeping jobs in Canada, it’s important to understand the rules for foreign workers. Start by checking the Canadian government’s Job Bank website to learn about the qualifications needed, like language skills.

First, get a work permit. You need a job offer from a Canadian employer and then apply for a temporary work permit. With a work visa, you can start looking for storekeeping jobs on the Job Bank website or other job boards online.

Next, prepare your resume and cover letter. Highlight your relevant experience and qualifications for the storekeeping job. The experience required varies by job and company. After applying, you may be invited for an interview. Be ready to discuss your skills and experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the salary of a storekeeper in Canada?

In Canada the average storekeeper makes $45,377 a year or $24 an hour. The starting salary for entry-level jobs is $39.533 annually while most experienced workers can get up to $57.135. What does a storekeeper in Canada do for a living? Assist with inventory tasks as needed gather process and record all goods that have been paid for and received. Help ensure that all items from vendors are received.

How can I obtain employment sponsorship in Canada?

Can I be sponsored to work in Canada by my employer? Employers in Canada don’t “sponsor” foreign workers to come work here but they can help by obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or making an electronic job offer (for categories exempt from the LMIA).


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