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Black Market Dollar To...

What is the Dollar to Naira Exchange rate at the black market also...
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Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Universities

If you have ever wondered about expensive universities, you will see the familiar names, yet some of them will be relatively surprising.

The trick is to either seek the benefits of unique university professors or follow an academic brand.

Whatever your academic purpose, you should remember that winning a scholarship or showcasing an inspiring research project is possible. Buckle up, and let’s go!

Below are the Top 5 World’s Most Expensive Universities:

1. Harvey Mudd College

If you have not heard of this institution before, the trick here is that it provides one of the best STEM specialists who could become successful in a career.

While the courses go over $80.000 on average, you are also getting at least 50% of financial aid. It is one of the best colleges if you want to apply for a degree in Physics, Chemistry, AI-based Data Management, and more.

It also offers one of the best labs, a secret ingredient in the academic world! Now, if you need to provide your project for a scholarship or wish to compose your research, consider the best dissertation service as a solution. This institution only works with the best, so adherence to high quality is essential.

2. Columbia University

This university definitely needs no introduction. With less than 5% of acceptance rate, they choose only the best students.

Still, once you get enrolled, you receive one of the best financial aid. If you belong to exchange students or a person who came up with a scientific project, you will be able to win a scholarship.

Offering one of the largest range of subjects, you will be able to find anything from English Literature to Journalism and an MBA.

3. New York University

As we know, everything in NYC is quite expensive, yet this institution has a reason to be that.

It is one of the most prominent international hubs where you can meet university professors from all over the world.

You can win official scholarships and private awards that will help you to get creative and work on your research ideas and various campaigns.

4. University of Oxford

As a household name, it is one of the best universities in the world. It’s also the second-oldest academic university in the world, which is already saying something.

The expensive prices are also based on an individual approach to your studies. If you want to get personal assistance, this is the place for you!

5. Imperial College London

The prices are over $50,000 for tuition alone, yet it offers one of the best financial aid. While it is often made famous by the STEM subjects, you will be able to find various projects if you are a skilled student who can provide something useful for the academic field.

All you have to do is present your project either in person or by visiting their virtual lab, and you have a good chance to become enrolled.

Are These Expensive Universities Worth The Money?

The answer is “definitely yes” because holding a diploma in Physics at Columbia College or studying Fashion at the Imperial College in London will instantly set you apart from the rest.

It is all a matter of an academic brand and the presence of practical work. It also shows that you belong to a wealthy family that represents a certain social circle.

Still, if you look at the knowledge and possible skills (if you are after that!), then you can easily get all of this at a more affordable university. Otherwise, good luck getting enrolled!

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