You Are All Tied To The Apron Of Politicians – Robert Clarke Slams Rufai Oseni, Mairo-Ese

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Robert Clarke, has taken a swipe at Arise News TV presenters, Rufai Oseni and Ayo Mairo-Ese, stating that they are tied to the apron strings of politicians.

Clarke shared his reservations during an interview on the TV station on Tuesday.


He referred to their chairman, Nduka Obaigbena, as a politician.

The elder statesman insisted that TV stations are not objective in their reportage and Arise TV is not an exemption.


He asserted that the media is tied to politicians who use them to serve selfish purposes.

He particularly emphasized that Obaigbena is a politician by choice, while he (Pa Clarke) is a pseudo politician.

Responding to a question on how to salvage states from political crisis, especially, in Rivers State, he said, “Why not you politicians, you call yourselves… You are all tied to the apron of politicians. The politicians own your radios…

“You are all tied, the owner of your Arise (referring to Obaigbena), is he not a politician?


“When I was in NRC, I was the sole counsel to the party and Tom Ikimi, and he was one of the people who were aged also with me and to Tom Ikimi, they are all politicians.

“I vye into politics partially, they vye into politics willfully. I stayed with my lawyer practice and today I’m happy, I am what I am in my law practice.

“All these people, all of them, Obaigbena and others, they are all politicians. He’s my good brother and my good son, so don’t tell me he’s not a politician and he cannot say that to me.”

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