Colonial Masters: Leave Africa Alone

We want imperialist countries like France and Britain, to stop exploiting and impoverishing countries, they forcefully colonized in Africa. Colonialism should be treated as a criminal act.

You invade a country with your military might, claiming to bring civilization and light to the inhabitants. But, you are in darkness and far from being civilized. Take Nigeria colonial master, Britain for instance. It’s a heathen nation in all its ramifications. You sponsor Missionaries as fore-runners, who prepared the ground for you to operate. Then, you came in with armed, fierce looking men, to run over the people.


Nearly all your top government functionaries, are members of a particular secret society (Freemason). Your Archbishop, and some other church leaders there, are gays. They are homosexuals, who support gay practices going on among you. How then do you claim to be Christians? You religious hypocrites, first remove the beams in your eyes, so that you can see clearly, to remove the moths in other people’s eyes. The truth is that you forced yourselves on us; in order to steal our natural resources by tricks. You used bible to corner our crude oil. How came about you claim to show us the light, when you are wallowing in darkness? You are covered with darkness you occult rulers. You need to repent before judgement of God comes upon you.

Most of the military coups in African countries, are aimed at removing stooges of colonial masters, who claim to be Presidents of their respective countries. But, they give away their mineral resources to colonialists, at rock-bottom prices. The latter in turn sell them at astronomically high prices in international market. For example, France was getting Uranium at 0.8 Euros per kilogram weight. But the new Niger Government now stopped the cheating, and sell directly to the Export Market, at the rate of 200 Euros per kilogram. Imagine France was getting it always free.


Similar thing occurs to our crude oil being shipped to Britain, to that imperialist nation. The crude oil is smuggled to them at give-away prices; very far from the official price. In most cases, these colonial or imperialist nations, don’t pay cash for mineral resources smuggled to them by puppet, aging African Presidents. They exchange the goods for weapons of mass destruction, including military tanks, to be used against perceived enemies of these African Authoritarian rulers; tribalists.

Former colonial masters, instigate tribalism, nepotism, and monumental looting of the treasuries, among African Presidents. This in-turn cause unrest and rebellion, by the oppressed tribes in their countries. Before you know it, civil wars or guerrilla warfare, has begun in the impoverished countries. You tag them rebels. Then, these despot rulers in civilian clothes, will order for weapons from Western countries, in exchange for their natural resources. Colonialists and some Western countries are war mongers; who thrive on conflicts. If their former colonies are at peace, they lose out.

Since after the take-over of power in Niger Republic in the year 2023, the economy of the country has been growing rapidly. The nationals are no longer slaves to France, and other imperialists. They succeeded in getting rid of parasites; who were collecting their natural resources almost free. Similar changes are taking place in Burkina Faso, Mali. Etc. The eyes of emerging young leaders, are opening to realize the sellout of their countries, by civilian dictators. Many of these despots have been in power for over thirty years. Lording over their poor countries, has become a family affair, or family dynasty. Many of these ruling families are richer than their respective countries.

There are two major types of coups: military and civilian coups. Military coup occurs when military officer seizes power. Civilian coup happens when elections are massively rigged to declare the looser as winner. It happened in Nigeria in the year 2023. Britain, the self-proclaimed colonial master, was accomplice to the enthronement of somebody who lost the election woefully, to become President of Nigeria. They want someone they can easily manipulate, to rule over the people. Then, they can join in looting the treasury. They don’t want young, intelligent, and dynamic persons to be in power: whether military or civilian rulers.


Peter Obi from Biafra land clearly won, but was denied victory as President of Nigeria. Now, they are fighting against Biafra actualization, tooth and nail. Britain fuels and thrives in Nigerian crisis. It’s the major supplier of arms and ammunition, to fight and suppress the people of Biafra; in exchange for Biafran crude oil. The exploitation began as far back as the Nigerian civil war in 1960s. Britain colluded with Gowon to steal billions of pounds sterling, from Nigerian central bank. This time around, their exploitation and bondage, are coming to an end. Biafra is about to be an independent nation, by the grace of God.

We Africans should be wise. We must not allow our territories, to be made dumping grounds for weapons of mass destructions, in exchange of our mineral resources. Let them go with their sophisticated weapons: supersonic war planes, nuclear war heads, robot soldiers, and all worth not. Don’t give out your God-given minerals for deadly ammunition. Rather, we need infrastructural, industrial, and agricultural development, among others. Our people want genuine multinational companies, to help tap our natural resources.

Let those war mongers go with their military bases, missiles, aircraft carriers, etc. We need factories, well equipped schools and hospitals. Africans want food, clothes, and basic necessities of life. The so-called super powers, can test their deadly weapons on themselves; and not on us. Their robot soldiers can fight or compete among themselves. They should leave us alone.

African Union, should place restriction on importation or production, of weapons of mass destruction. Instead, let there be strong conflict resolution mechanism in the continent. Authoritarian and tribal rulers should change; to avoid being used by Western powers against their own people. We don’t want arms race in our continent.

Finally, we call on Western powers, including former colonial masters, to stop fuelling crisis in African countries; and subsequently exploiting the situation. Let them know, there is a God in heaven, who reigns in the kingdoms of men. At the appointed time, He will destroy this world, and create a new one.

Written by
Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi.

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