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Colonial Masters: Leave Africa Alone

We want imperialist countries like France and Britain, to stop exploiting and impoverishing countries, they forcefully colonized in Africa. Colonialism should be treated as a criminal act. You invade a country with your military might, claiming to bring civilization and light to the inhabitants. But,...

OPINION: Breaking Shackles Of Business Monopoly In Nigeria

Nigerian Authorities grant some of their influential kinsmen or party chieftains, the sole permission to import or produce certain goods: for some selfish and ulterior motives. These beneficiaries, who are usually the affluent in the society, now hike the prices of their imported goods,...

Should Christmas be celebrated because of its origin?

Every Christmas, there is always an upsurge of arguments about the appropriateness or not of celebrating Christmas. There are those who argue that it should not be celebrated because it has pagan origins. Another group argues that December 25 could not have been the...

Supply Enough Crude Oil To Private Refineries, Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

We appeal to Nigerian President, and other relevant authorities, to be supplying adequate quantities of crude oil, to the newly established Dangote refinery, as well as some modular refineries in the country. It should be in their top priority, if they are sincere about...