I was born blind, Nigerian singer, Chidinma Ekile reveals

Chidinma Ekile, the popular Nigerian gospel singer, has made a stunning revelation.

She revealed that she was born blind but with the fervency of her mother’s prayer, she overcame it.

The singer disclosed that when she was born without the capacity to open her eyes, her parents faced a major obstacle.

Chidinma claims that despite their best efforts medically, her parents were unable to induce her to open her eyes.

She said that they prayed to God, adding that while her mother didn’t anticipate a miracle, she began a strict prayer and fasting regimen.

She noted that her vision was miraculously restored after intense fasting and prayer.

Chidinma said she was able to open her eyes and revealed that there was a bright crimson colour.
She claimed that during her mother’s prayers, she made a vow to return her to God if He could grant her sight.

She stated: “I was born blind, I didn’t open my eyes at all. Of course that became a challenge. My parents tried all they could to get this baby to see, everything they tried medically proved abortive and we had to resort to God.

“My mum became a prayer warrior, she started praying and fasting from nowhere. Not like she believed that would work but I eventually opened my eyes which was such a miracle. The eyes were so red, I mean blood red. According to my mum, she has promised to give me back to God if God could help her solve that problem, so that’s where the church comes in.”

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