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Supply Enough Crude Oil To Private Refineries, Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi

We appeal to Nigerian President, and other relevant authorities, to be supplying adequate quantities of crude oil, to the newly established Dangote refinery, as well as some modular refineries in the country. It should be in their top priority, if they are sincere about bringing to an end, the embarrassing continuous importation of refined fuel products.

Let all these unnecessary delays, in supplying crude oil to Dangote refinery end. There are ulterior motives behind the perpetual deferment, to feed the new company with the needed raw materials, to take off production. They want the importation to continue, in order to go on with making outrageous profits, to the detriment of down-trodden masses.

Dangote firm has the capacity to meet far above the demand, for refined petroleum products for Nigeria. It can supply the whole of West African sub-region. Fuel importation is central to the economic woes in our land, over the decades. It has made the cost of goods and services to be skyrocketing. Of course, it has been adversely affecting the exchange rate of our currency naira, against the dollar, and other foreign currencies.

There was a period when a litre of petrol was less than one naira; and a dollar was also less than one naira in value. Then, our local refineries were functioning; and meeting the demand for finished products. We were even supplying to some neighbouring countries. But, as time went on, our refineries got neglected; production stopped and importation started. Of course, the products became increasingly costlier; and it affected everything in this country, due to the self-centered rulers we have. All government-owned refineries are now packed up, due to monumental corruption of government top officials, and their cronies.

Now, it has degenerated to a stage where, a litre of fuel is sold as high as 700 naira. Cost of kerosene and diesel are much higher. The dollar is worth more than 1000 naira. Our successive administrations, have ruined this country. They deliberately neglected our local oil refineries, and put them out of use. They are hell bent on stealing and smuggling the crude, in very large quantities overseas, where they are refined in their family owned refineries. Then, they are shipped to us at prohibitive prices.

Our taskmaster and their collaborators, make trillions while the country is steadily grinding to a halt. Even the readiness of this private Dangote refinery, and smaller modular refineries, don’t go down well with those at the helm of affairs. That is why they are using delay tactics, and postponement of the much needed crude oil supply. They keep on giving flimsy excuses. If they have their ways, even the privately owned refineries will be put out of use; to pave way to their uninterrupted fuel importation of refined products, and exploitation of the masses.

We therefore call for a change of attitude. Only God Almighty can touch the hearts of those ruling over us, to do the needful. They ought to supply our God-given crude oil, to those few refineries, to produce all the needed petroleum products, including petrol. We hear that greedy Nigerian Authorities, including those in moribund NNPC, want to prevent Dangote refinery from producing petrol. This is not acceptable to Nigerians.

That parasite and defunct company, with its crooked management, should allow the refineries to produce petrol also. That dead company milking the country dry, should be sold off completely. The so-called management should hands off shady import business of fuel; and stop arbitrary increase in pump price of the goods. They should be probed thoroughly, and the stolen trillions recovered from them. Are they above facing corruption charges?

We want Dangote himself_ owner of the company, to demonstrate his philanthropy to the fullest, by making the products available to Nigerian consumers, at very low prices. He can sell them as low as 100 naira per litre; and still make gain, without the meddling of parasites. Let him be rich toward the masses. If you are the richest man in Africa and beyond, we commend you for that. If you are not rich toward the people, your billions or trillions in the banks, make no meaning to them. We wish you impact on the lives of people by making fuel products, including petrol to be available to the people at cheap rate. Citizens are suffering terribly. Hike in fuel prices, has impacted on high cost of transportation of goods and services. Food prices go up on daily bases. There is serious hunger in the land, caused by our selfish and wicked rulers. You can put a stop to that evil fuel importation, if you are sincere; and shun meddling of parasites and thieves in high and low places. May God Almighty continue to lift you up, as you do so. Amen.

Finally, we want to admonish the sworn enemies of the masses, who disguise as our rulers. You impose yourselves on us. Recently some persons said, they are in full charge of the country; that Nigerians can go to hell. There is a Supreme Being in heaven, who can remove you from those exulted positions, and take you out of this world without notice. All the ill-gotten wealth, you have been gathering over the years, at the expense of the masses, won’t lead you to anywhere. One day you will die and leave them all behind. Naked you come into this world, and naked you will go.

We counsel you to leave behind good legacy by serving the people. Use your positions, to alleviate the suffering of the inhabitants. We are wallowing in abject poverty in the midst of plenty. Nigerian wealth is concentrated on few hands among the rich. It’s what you do for God and humanity, that will last. All other things are vanities. God said, “As the partridge sits on eggs, and hatches them not; so he that gets riches, and not by right, shall leave them in the midst of his days, and at his end shall be a fool´–Jeremiah 17:11.

Written by
Evangelist Joseph U. Afurobi.


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