Top 20 Countries with Highest US Visa Application Rejection

The United States (US) visa is one of the most highly sought-after visas in the world. The reason is glaring to all. From education to job opportunities, the country has a lot to offer immigrants. However, not all applicants for the visa are granted.

In November 2023, the US only approved 45,437 visas globally, according to statistics by the US Bureau of Consular Affairs. While we are unable to get data for the total number of applicants in the referenced month, it is safe to presume they are at least three times this number, i.e., 136,111 applicants.


Legally, if your visa application is rejected, you have the right to ask the consular officer why your visa application was denied and if you are eligible for a waiver on the grounds of inadmissibility.

The most common reasons behind visa application denials are incomplete application or supporting documentation, visa qualifications and immigrant intent, public charge, fraud and misrepresentation, and unlawful presence in the United State.


If you are planning to apply for a US visa, it is important to ensure that you meet all the requirements and provide all the necessary documentation to avoid rejection. You can find more information about visa denials, including how to qualify for a visa, reasons you might be ineligible for a visa, and how to apply for a waiver on the grounds of inadmissibility, on the Department of State website.

Below are the countries with the highest rate of US visa application denial:

  1. Micronesia – 100%
  2. Mauritania – 90%
  3. Somalia – 74%
  4. Rwanda – 63%
  5. Canada – 58%
  6. Cuba – 57%
  7. Iran – 54%
  8. Afghanistan – 53%
  9. Iraq – 45%
  10. Syria – 43%
  11. Kenya – 42%
  12. Ukraine – 41%
  13. Venezuela – 34%
  14. Colombia – 33%
  15. Pakistan – 31%
  16. China – 30%
  17. Bangladesh – 30%
  18. Russia – 26%
  19. Nigeria – 26%
  20. Ethiopia – 25%
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