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Why it will be easier to obtain Chinese visa

Kenyans travelling to China will no longer have to seek appointments at the Chinese embassy to secure a visa.

This is after China removed physical application appointments for all Kenyans.

Kenyans seeking visas to China will only be required to file their applications directly to the visa service centre.

Chinese Visa fees to Kenyans, however, remain the same with single entry visas valid for three months costing Sh4,000, double entry valid for six months being charged at Sh8,000 and multi-entry valid for six months being charged Sh8,000.

Of interest though is that Kenyan nationals will be forced to pay more than other Africans as a single entry visa valid for three months for “other Third World Countries” are being charged Sh3,000 and Sh4,500 for a double entry visa valid for six months.

To complete a tourist visa application to China, one needs to fill an application form, provide a passport photo, their passport with a copy, a bank statement, address, tax returns, proof of accommodation in China, and proof on travel (air ticket).


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